What is Let Your Mess Be Your Message?
A movement breaking the chains of silence!


Stand In Our Vulnerabilities

Speak Our Truth

Take Action

LYMBYM is a global initiative to reach youth, building communities online/off to start conversations that save lives and bust through taboos. Making words like suicide prevention and depression less "scary or heavy", and more normal and relatable. Starting a conversation that leads to a movement of healing; a movement of living.

LYMBYM's mission is to inspire others to authentically stand in their truth. We can empower one other through our vulnerabilities to take action and create impact. The LYMBYM community serves as a "sacred space" exploring how our negative and/or traumatic experiences can be a catalyst for growth and transform into our greatest gifts. Ultimately shaping our unique voice in the world.


Nakiya Peterkin
Actress, Singer, Model and Motivational Speaker
Ovie Mughelli
Former NFL Fullback for the Atlanta Falcons
Dawn Gallagher
Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion Expert
Billy Anderson
Speaker/Coach/Author/Founder of The Courage Crusade
Neeta Bhushan
Author/Truth Sayer/Disrupter/CEO Global Grit
Anthony DeMario
Karyn Inder
Mental Health Activist/Model
Ciana Canci
Bevin Brandlandingham
Warrior for Self-Love/Healer/Speaker
Cam Adair
International Speaker/YouTuber/Founder of Game Quitters

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